VC Crowd is a hybrid between traditional venture capital and crowd funding, offering subscription based, early access to equity ownership in a diverse portfolio of private companies with outstanding potential. 

Membership is open to anyone, similar to crowd funding, but the portfolio is mined and importantly managed by a highly experienced and respected team of advisers that protects and maximises value for all. 

So how does it work?

VC Crowd has an advisory team which is fully regulated by the FCA in the UK and which is made up of highly experienced, extremely well-connected finance professionals. We use their network to identify early-stage companies with real potential and we also accept funding applications from companies directly through our website. Our advisory team carries out rigorous due diligence on these companies and then negotiates highly advantageous terms with them. 


Importantly, the advisors also take an extremely active role in our portfolio companies, often taking executive positions on their management boards where they use their expertise and experience to help them achieve their growth objectives.

VC Crowd members pay a monthly fee and are then allocated shares in these portfolio companies on a monthly basis up to the value of their membership fee. They also benefit from regular webinars and news alerts on club matters and general business subjects. 


VC Crowd offers similar opportunities to crowd funding, while also helping to mitigate the risk through the work of the advisory team. 

Members can pause or cancel their subscription at any time, but they are only allocated shares in those months when their subscription is paid. They can also trade shares with other members on our proprietary secondary market bulletin board.


VC Crowd typically participates in companies that are in early stages of development with medium to long term outlooks. The exit strategies of the portfolio companies normally involve an IPO or a trade sale and these take time to develop. However, the potential returns on those that are successful could be enormous and are normally only available to institutions or to the extremely wealthy.

VC Crowd makes Venture Capitalism available to all.

So why not become part of the crowd? Join the thousands of VC Crowd members who are already enjoying the benefits of this unique community.

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