StaySafe Features on National TV Show


LifeSafe Technologies PLC, an early-stage (pre-IPO) investment by VCCrowd, has recently achieved a significant milestone with their innovative StaySafe fire extinguisher. Featured on the popular CBS Mornings Deals TV Show, StaySafe captured the attention of viewers across the USA, leading to an extraordinary surge in sales.

The feature generated such high demand that the StaySafe fire extinguishers set aside for this promotion, sold out within hours. Sales far exceeded expectations. Due to this overwhelming response, CBS Mornings Deals plans to rebroadcast the segment, offering another opportunity for LifeSafe Technologies to reach a broader audience and drive further sales.

This remarkable success highlights the ongoing potential of LifeSafe Technologies and the impact of VCCrowd's early investment. We are excited to see StaySafe making strides in the market, underscoring the importance of innovative safety solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow and support LifeSafe Technologies on their journey of growth and success as they disrupt the massive fire fighting market place.

StaySafe On CBS

You can see the TV segment on YouTube here

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